Wednesday, February 24, 2010


On February 14, I was part of a celebration of a certain holiday-- that is, the anniversary of the liberation of Mostar from fascism in WWII. We cleaned graffiti from a socialist monument on the Bulevar in the center of the city. This video is an interview with Dex who started an "anti-fa" group, along with footage from a work meeting (anti-fascist posters, t-shirts and graffiti) and then the cleaning action. Shot and edited by Lidija, a young volunteer in Abras Media.

[[ I deleted the video for Dex's safety... Some neo-fascists armed with bats were hunting for Dex at his school. Thankfully they didn't manage to get ahold of him. ]]

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mostar Metal Storm

Thanks to Robi, the current editor of AbrasMedia, a team of young people from both sides of Mostar has come together to create this community radio offering. Anyone who has an idea can come to OKC, receive some training and start broadcasting. Shows range from punk music and social issues, to heavy metal music, to readings of comic strips. A promotional event was held in Abrasevic, featuring young metal bands and a projection of the internet portal and radio site.