Thursday, May 31, 2012

With great sadness I learned last night that Nisvet Dzanko had passed away. Dzanko was a geography teacher turned TV star, the most unpretentious big celebrity in Bosnia. He was known for his show "Positive Geography", where he traveled all over the country, from big cities to tiny villages, listening to people's stories along the way. Truly kind hearted, patient, humble, witty and always insightful and wise. He was universally beloved; he could speak with equal ease to the Mayor of Sarajevo or the old woman selling onions in a small town market. I am so thankful to have had the chance to get to know him. He was such a great support to me for the brief time I worked on Bosnian Federal TV, always taking the time to encourage me and show me the way. The video clip below actually came about because I was so nervous on camera and so he "featured" me in his weekly video as a guest interviewer, to ease me into the work. So typical of him. Hvala ti, Dzanko, na svemu. Puno nam nedostajes!