Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where has RTV Mostar gone?

RTV Mostar, a local TV station where I worked for several months as a video editor in 2010, has completely disappeared without a word... During my time there, a close partnership with new, commercial news station TV1 had begun in earnest, with constant exchanges of staff and programming. RTVMo gradually lost many main staff members to the Sarajevo TV1 studio and its daily news report was substituted by the TV1 news anchors, however, RTV Mostar retained its own channel and flagship program "Grad" ("City"), a 6 pm, much-watched talk show covering current events in Mostar.

Many employees, including almost all the people I worked with, who were longtime employees of RTVMo, have been fired. Only a few remain in the studio, where they occasionally file "Mostar" stories to the main TV1 studio. The Mostar regulatory agency says that the disappearance of RTVMo is due to technical difficulties.

RTV Mostar, which broadcast throughout the war, and after the war remained the only multi-ethnic TV station in Herzegovina, has vanished without a trace, without a word of explanation.


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