Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is the DOSTA! movement?

Come and Say, ENOUGH!
Activist movement of citizens, DOSTA!

DOSTA! is an activist movement of citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina which fights for the dignity of citizens of BH, is involved in activating and engaging people in solving the acute problems of society, and desires to create an active and aware citizen opposition in BH through public expressions of civil dissatisfaction, active and direct participation of greater and greater numbers of citizens as well as directly impacting the socio-political processes. The movement does this through the engagement of groups and individuals, as well as organizations and institutions which share the values and principles of the movement.

-inert and passive citizenry
-critically low level of citizen participation in public life
-lack of strong and independent activist citizen initiatives in BH
-ignorant and unaccountable political machine
-alarming social and economic situation and the great number of problems to be resolved
-critical situation of at-risk populations in BH
-feelings of powerlessness among citizens of BH to ever be able impact the decisions which concern them
-poor communication of citizens with the government and politicians generally

Goals of the DOSTA! Movement
-To create and amass an engaged and credible citizen-led initiative for the public expression of civil dissatisfaction
-Empowering the role of citizens in the decision-making process and strengthening citizen participation
-Recognizing the key social and economic problems of BH citizens and engaging the public in solving them
-Affecting the accountability of the political machine and institutions in all parts of BH and all levels of government.
-In a creative, engaged and uncompromising way, developing civic awareness about the power of active and massive participation through reacting to current problems and insisting that they be solved

Rules and Principles of Work
-the movement must be independent from all political parties and initiatives, as well as from nongovernmental organizations and any kind of institution
-members of the movement must be disciplined and committed
-the movement must be open to all types of people, interests and activities, insofar as they are in accordance with the goals and values of the movement
-the movement must be public and accessible to all
-the movement does not make any kind of compromise in any situation with the government or politicians, rather it uncompromisingly insists on the fulfillment of its own goals and demands
-DOSTA! is a movement of BH citizens and is simply open to all
-No activity of the movement may be in any way contrary to the values and goals of the movement

-Social justice
-Awareness of citizens
-Absolute power to the voice of the people
-No nationalism or promotion of national interests

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