Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Resistance

Dubioza Kolektiv wrote a song for the DOSTA! movement-- rap as it was first intended, to speak about the problems of the people! of the neighborhoods! of the streets! Below is the English translation of the lyrics (not a totally literal translation, but good enough!)

Mobilize. Organize. Resist.

Dubioze Kolektiva, feauring Frenkie, DOSTA!

Too long they've decided for me which God I believe in. I won't give up, I'm going to act. They leave me only suppressed tensions, while the truth has three different versions. It's echoing, echoing...

This is the best system there is. Bread and circuses, you're neither hungry nor full. This is the worst system there is. Gentlemen, you will not always be hidden behind walls. You are a special breed, you're the cream of the crop. Because of you, the anthem is silent, our anthem is mute.

Bosnia dear mother, Herzegovina, you will always be the land and we will be the manure. If you are fed up with everything and you want a better life, take control and have an opinion. Be the king of your own mind. The system will come apart, stitch by stitch. Rise up and fight, move toward freedom because this train going to fall into the water. You're quiet and that pleases them. Be a fire in which the system will burn. Is there life after democracy? While the three same parties are always in power, the elections are like nationalist sheep corrals, staged disputes, always the same bull.

"Trilemma", dilemma of the system, it seems that there's no solution, business is the only motif, our government is dedicated to dozing. Hey no problem, no problem. Every vote you give is important, in this game they are always mine, yours, ours... The three are the same just with a different slant, the government belongs to them and it smells like a lie, I know it, and you know it!

Now I say Enough! now I say Enough, I'm going to fight because that's all that's left, Now I say enough, this is the last bit of pride left to me. Now I'm saying Enough, we're going to the plateau because that's all that's left to us. Now I say Enough!

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